Combining AI with EI answers the real human questions

Combining Artificial Intelligence with Emotional Intelligence finds the most powerful connections within the data to uncover new insights, territories & white spaces


Our 3 step process


1. Asking the right questions of the right sources

  • We help you define powerful questions based on your strategic objectives
  • We think creatively to identify the best consumer, expert, brand and cultural data sources:¬† internal documents, brand websites, forums, expert & extreme user sources, neighbouring category sources etc.


2. AI for fast learning, EI for context, empathy & creativity

  • AI fast learning discovers themes and patterns in how consumers think and talk
  • Our Emotionally Intelligent expertise brings the context, empathy & creativity to uncover the most powerful connections within the data – making the leaps to deeper insight, new territories and innovation
  • Storytelling brings insights to life
  • For enhanced psychological understanding we can run the analysis through a psychotherapeutic lens


3. Human research establishes energy & depth

  • We employ the latest human research tools to dig deeper into what we discover – puts more flesh on the bones and shows how much energy there is behind new territories