Inspiring campaign strategy with psychotherapeutic input

We use psychotherapeutic frameworks to unlock & stimulate strategic thinking


Psychotherapy brings a unique level of human understanding for stronger emotional connection

  • Accessing the deep psychological and social factors driving attitudes, motivation and behaviour
  • Uncovering consumers’ inner dialogues to understand how these work for or against comms objectives
  • Applying fresh strategies that leverage opportunities and overcome obstacles


Kick start and enhance strategic thinking with a psychotherapeutic perspective

  • Agile and low cost, but always inspiring – either a simple consultation, input into workshops, or observing consumer discussions

“I just wanted to say a huge thank you.  I thought the de-brief yesterday was outstanding and invaluable. Not only that, but I recognisethis was all done with an incredibly tight turn-around time and very hectic schedule.

The fact we could write a commsbrief in an hour (which is unheard of), is testament to the clarity of thought and insight you delivered.” (Global Brand Director)