We apply a potent blend of Organisational Psychology, Research, and Psychotherapeutic expertise to help teams truly thrive


It’s a more human and fully rounded approach

  • That brings better understanding and empathy with the human experience of team and organisational life
  • Head, heart and gut thinking goes beyond traditional analytical approaches

That applies deep, psychological appreciation of issues and possibilities

  • On an individual level we’re experts at providing the psychological safety to really explore difficult subjects
  • And we know the psychology of organisational systems, cultures and dynamics underpinning both issues and possibilities

And uses inclusion and collaboration as change interventions

  • Inclusion and collaboration are core to how we work
  • Sharing and co-creating, ‘doing with’ rather than ‘doing to’ helps teams  develop trust and alignment around a commonly owned vision
  • Participation in an inclusive, listening research phase becomes part of the change process
  • Helps teams find ways to transform and grow that they own and believe in

We use it to help struggling teams thrive

  • We work with teams to overcome issues such as high turnover, burnout, and low satisfaction or engagement – helping them identify potential causes and solutions

And to help thriving teams unleash their full potential

  • For example, we might help teams clearly define and connect with a shared purpose through collaborative goal setting and action planning
  • Or we might examine diversity and inclusivity to ensure individual and team needs are fully met – identifying challenges and opportunities / creating safe, yet challenging environments / facilitating communication and relationships / ensuring optimal utilisation of skills and abilities / maximising creativity and innovation

Case study: inclusiveness, collaboration and holistic thinking to turn a team around


The challenge

  • Senior leadership was alarmed at low morale and high turnover – teams were losing people they could ill afford to lose and satisfaction scores were through the floor
  • The leadership suspected underlying issues with team culture
  • They knew they needed to listen to teams and help them feel part of the solution

An holistic, ‘head, heart and gut’ approach

  • Going beyond traditional analytical thinking
  • Empathetic, inclusive interviewing quickly established the trust necessary for full disclosure
  • Psychological expertise allowed a deep and wide ranging appreciation of the rational, emotional, social and cultural dimensions at play
  • Sensitive feedback helped the senior leadership understand how teams were feeling and what they were asking for
  • Co-creation workshops and collaborative task-forces encouraged teams to own meaningful and energising solutions
  • Coaching was available where it was asked for

Outcome: clear evidence of positive change

  • At the big annual global meeting a few weeks later team members reported high levels of energy and positivity and phenomenal levels of openness, connectedness and belonging