Working with our global partners we explore how combining research tech with qualitative flair has delivered for clients


Combining AI with agile qual for scale, agility & nuance


The brief: to truly get under the skin of ultra high net lifestyles for a whisky brand

The research challenge: how to achieve the holy trinity of scale, agility and nuance – in a niche category with a hard to reach target

The solution Combining the reach of AI with expertise in emotional connection.   AI threw the net wide at scale and speed for diverse examples & inspiration around how to talk to an ultra high net worth target.  Outputs were put into a series of filmed documentary interviews to further bring them to life, giving more tangible meaning and tuning them to the category and brand

The client outcome:  The result was a focused, up-to-date set of typologies for today’s ultra high net worth consumer along with fine-tuned activation ideas for developing emotional connection.


Engaging emotionally with a social media obsessed target


The brief:  to tap into the emotional life of a social media obsessed target, for a new brand direction in China.

The research challenge: How to engage with a target  eager to express itself multi-sensorially – via visuals, memes and beats, more than words.

The solution: connect with the target in their online world, following and analysing social media accounts, checking in with them daily on WeChat and setting tasks to complete however they prefer – memes, beats, selfies, video (even words!)

The best participants were followed up with web interviews to  explore their posts & choices & the emotions behind them in depth.

The client outcome: deep emotional connection.  Rich output for the client and their creative agencies with insight on the language, genres, aesthetic and symbolism that resonates with the target.


Facial recognition, emotional analysis and interviewing to access the real behavioural and emotional response


A case study…. that didn’t actually happen.

The brief: the client wanted to assess the impact, appeal and user experience of a new AI device that allows consumers to trial eyewear at shelf.

The research challenge: to avoid the claimed behaviour and response often encountered researching novel ideas – how best to get to real behaviour and the true emotional response?

The solution: First, put a camera in the new device and use facial recognition and emotional analysis technology to understand when people show interest in the device in-situ.

Second, use emotional analysis technology to identify key moments of satisfaction and dissatisfaction during the actual user experience.  Then combine this with interviewing to understand what is going on at key emotional moments – providing context and deeper understanding of factors driving response.

The client outcome: By combining approaches, the research would overcome traditional claimed responses and provide a more accurate assessment of appeal based on actual behaviour, and a nuanced appreciation of how to develop the user experience.

The fail: The client was keen to proceed, but ultimately, the department store wouldn’t give permission.  It does seem facial recognition has its limits, even in China!