Q: How can we deliver the holy trinity of Scale, Agility and Nuance?

A: By combining the power of AI with human expertise


Scale, agility and nuance have become a marketing holy trinity.    Achieving this can be a tall order, especially in niche categories with hard to reach targets such as high-end luxury and consumer healthcare.


By combining the power of AI with expertise in emotional connection it is possible to achieve the scale, agility and nuance trinity.   AI can throw the net wide for diverse thinking and inspiration at scale and speed.  AI output can then be integrated with lean, agile human research to flesh out learnings and get to the more nuanced understanding we need.


For example, we explored what luxury means for an ultra high net worth target.  How is it being expressed by successful brands?  What are the emergent trends? And, crucially, what does all this mean for the client’s brands?  AI uncovered the current and emergent themes in the online world of high-end luxury.  These themes inspired the client’s thinking.  The outputs were put into a series of ethno-style interviews to further bring them to life, giving them more tangible meaning and tuning them to the category and brand.  The result was a focused, up-to-date set of typologies for today’s luxury consumer along with fine-tuned activation ideas for developing emotional connection.